Back to School Day!!

Event: Back to School Day
Place: South Bay Chinese SDA Church

Date: Sept 12, 2009

The long planned Back to School Day event
was unveiled by a beautiful voice
from the MBA choir group

From the program schedule,
you can gather it is truly a flourishing program.

From morning worship to evening fellowship
From spiritual fulfillment to physical contentment
From brothers to sisters
From love to love

Lord's one and only precious blessing
was delivered by church members through
individual private prayers
or group gathering prayers

We treasure those young people
as much as our Lord do!!

Fulfill their spirit with the sharing from
4 outstanding SDA young church members

Garwei Lee

Junior class of UC Berkely

Director of Fremont Chinese SDA Vacation Bible School

Recipient of Heritage Music Festival’s Maestro Award for

Outstanding Solo Performance

Samuel Fong

Graduate of U.C. Merced

UC students chosen for renewable energy research in Denmark

1 of 3 main coordinators for the “Dear Michelle” Campaign

Scripture sharing to inspire our young people:

1 Samuel 16:7b

"The LORD does not look at the tings
man looks at. Man looks at the
outward appearance, but the LORD
looks at the heart"

John Fu
Student Missionary to Japan
Youth Leader, South Bay Chinese SDA Church

Pot Luck lunch party prayer was lead by
Vice principal from the MBA school

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Stuff their tommy to warm their soul
with our most sincere love and caring!

Go hike with them to strengthen their body!!

Fellowship with them to share
their worrisome and uncertainty!!

Play young with them to brighten them up and
put cheer on their face!

May God Bless
these young candidates for His kingdom!!

One day,
they all will be part of us
to worship Him at
South Bay Chinese SDA church!!!

(other photos)



Source: www.youtube.com
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